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Mon 15 Mar 2021

Categories of Awards

  • Best Senior Member (Teaching)
  • Best Senior Member (Research & Scholarship)
  • Best Senior Member (Services and Innovation)
  • Best Senior Member Administrative & Professionals
  • Best Senior Staff
  • Best Junior Staff


Criteria for Nominations

To be eligible nominees must have at least five years of continuous service to the University by May 31, 2021, and be current FULL-TIME employees in good standing (no caution, queries, reprimand nor suspensions).  Staff of a professorial rank do not qualify to apply.


Nominations may be made by any faculty or staff member. No self-nominations are allowed.  All nominations must be accompanied by a Nomination Form and the appropriate supporting documents justifying the nominee’s accomplishments.

A brief CV of the nominee must be attached to the documents.

To proceed, download the Excellence Awards Guidelines & Nomination Forms below.