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CHS Advisory Board Holds first meeting

CHS Advisory Board Holds first meeting

Wed 20 Oct 2021 CHS News
Advisory Board i

The College of Health Sciences (CHS) Advisory Board on the 8th of October 2021 held its first meeting to discuss, advise, and brainstorm on how the College can advance in areas of relevance and deliver on its core mandate.

The Advisory Board is made up of 13 members who are resourced in the Health industry. The main areas discussed during the meeting were based on the terms of reference which defines the role of the advisory board. The terms are;

  1. To provide advice on the strategic direction of the College, particularly, in terms of issues such as market needs and opportunities, students success, research activities and programmes and curriculum development, academic standards, and faculty development.
  2. To help establish and develop the position of the College, where appropriate and practical, within the areas of professional practice, expertise, and experience of each member.
  3. To champion, the cause of the College, build and rebrand the College locally, nationally, and internationally by communicating key strategic messages, creating awareness for existing and new programme initiatives, and showcasing the achievements of the College and its students.
  4. To connect the Teaching and Administrative/Professional Staff of the College and its Leadership team to the broader community and regional networks in regard to building brand awareness, as well as partnership opportunities.
  5. To assist in the creation of internship opportunities for students and research partnerships for faculty.
  6. To advise fundraising activities, including identifying opportunities most relevant to the focus areas of the College.
  7. To provide guidance on enabling the College to be an impactful asset to our communities during challenging times.

The Chairperson of the meeting, Prof. Peter Donkor, in his remarks expressed that the mandate of the Advisory Board is on course as a lot of ideas and points have been raised on how to advance the College to stay relevant, getting students sound practical training and linking academia to the Health industry. The meeting concluded on a good note as all the attendees expressed satisfaction with the points made throughout the session.