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CHS EXCELLENCE AWARDS - Nomination & Guidelines

Fri 25 Aug 2023
Excellence Awards

Awards Guidelines

1. Categories of Awards

i. Best Mentor – Teaching Staff (Professorial Rank)

ii. Best Mentor – Non-Teaching Staff (Deputy Registrars/ Accountants/ Internal Auditors/ Procurement Officers, etc.)

iii. Best Senior Member (Teaching)

iv. Best Senior Member (Research & Scholarship)

v. Best Senior Member (Services and Innovation)

vi. Best Senior Member (Registrar’s Offices)

vii. Best Senior Member (Finance, Internal Audit, & Procurement)

viii. Best Senior Staff

xi. Best Junior Staff


2. Criteria for Nominations

To be eligible, nominees must have at least five years of continuous service to the University by 31st January, 2024, and be current FULL-TIME employees in good standing (no caution, queries, reprimand nor suspensions). Staff of the professorial rank can only be nominated for the Mentorship award.


3. Nominations

Nominations may be made by any faculty or staff member. No self-nominations are allowed. All nominations must be accompanied by a Nomination Form and the appropriate supporting documents justifying the nominee’s accomplishments.

A brief CV of the nominee must be attached to the documents.

Forms may be submitted by e-mail as an attachment to ( or to the office of the College Registrar, ON or BEFORE 31st January, 2024. These will then be sorted and forwarded to the CHS Excellence Awards Committee.

To proceed, download the Excellence Awards Guidelines & Nomination Forms below.