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KNUST College of Health Sciences holds a two-day working retreat for its Senior and Junior staff

KNUST College of Health Sciences holds a two-day working retreat for its Senior and Junior staff

Tue 30 May 2023 CHS News
CHS Retreat for Jnr and Snr Staff i

The College of Health Sciences of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, has held a two-day integrated working retreat for its Senior and Junior Staff at the Boadi Medical Enlcave. The retreat held on the 4th and 5th of May 2023 was themed. ‘Reflect, Recharge and Reinvent: A Senior and Junior Staff Retreat for Personal and Professional Growth.

Opening the workshop, Professor Joslin Alexei Dogbe the Chairman of the Organising Committee emphasised the importance of taking time off to reflect on life’s progress. According to him, there is a high tendency for individuals to evaluate others more readily than they do themselves. He, therefore, encouraged participants to take advantage of the retreat to engage in self-reflection and critical self-assessment. This, he noted, would facilitate personal growth, rejuvenation, and transformation, which would in turn contribute to the overall development and advancement of the University.

Prof Dogbe
Professor Joslin Alexei Dogbe, the Chairman of the Organising Committee

Professor Dogbe also underscored the importance of mutual respect and concern for the well-being of colleagues in achieving collective success.

The Provost of the College of Health Sciences, Professor Christian Agyare commended the staff for their meritorious service to the University and promised that the retreat will be organised annually to ensure their continuous growth and development. He, however, encouraged them not to relent but continue to contribute their best.

In his address, Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Ellis Owusu-Dabo highlighted the low level of inventions in Africa, which currently stands at only 3.6% and the lack of adequate planned preventive maintenance measures on the continent. He stressed the need for collective action to improve this situation and promote productivity.

Pro VC
Professor Ellis Owusu-Dabo (Pro-Vice Chancellor, KNUST)

Furthermore, Professor Owusu-Dabo emphasized that the College of Health Sciences stands as the foremost in terms of academic output and publications. To sustain this position, he called upon the staff to remain committed and dedicated, executing their duties judiciously and to the best of their abilities.

Professor Isaac Ayensu, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry presented on Effective Time Management Principles. He advised the participants to arrange their to-do lists in order of urgency and priority. This done rightly would result in greater productivity and efficiency, better professional reputation, increased opportunities for advancement, and greater opportunities to achieve important life and career goals. He also urged the staff to overcome obstacles in time management by employing effective strategies.

Prof Ayensu
Professor Isaac Ayensu, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The retreat included plenary and breakout sessions for administrators, accounts officers, librarians, technicians, and security officers in the College. Experts presented on a range of topics including Work Attitude and Attitudinal Change, Defensive Driving, Duties of Security Personnel, Safe Way to Use Detergents, Effective Role Performance, and Personal Financial Management Principles.