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CHS organizes career development workshop for students

CHS organizes career development workshop for students

Wed 31 Aug 2022 CHS News
CHS organizes career development workshop for students i

The College of Health Sciences, KNUST organised a two-day workshop with Lead-it-Africa, an organisation, specialised in personal development programme to equip students with skills and behaviours that will enable them to be more successful in real life. The programme is dubbed "ready for life". It is meant to educate students on the realities of life after school. The workshop took place at the Pharmacy Lecture Theatre 4 on the 19th and 20th August 2022.

The CEO of lead-it-Africa, Herman Yobo Addae believes it is crucial to create awareness and encourage young ones to endeavour into entrepreneurship. "Because of the world and environment we find ourselves in, we focus on building the foundational skills for entrepreneurship for those who would want to start something for themselves alongside, will have the foundation to guarantee higher chances of success," he said.

Herman Yobo
CEO of lead-it-Africa, Herman Yobo Addae with a student

He was hopeful that the skills and behaviours will help them to have the courage to start something in order to be good entrepreneurial leaders "Usually we run this sort of workshop for organisations and we realized that the skills and behaviours as picked from school sometimes do not match perfectly with what employers are looking for so we run these workshops to help close the gap as well," he added. He also emphasized the need to make these skills and behaviours known and available to the graduates early, so that they can keep practicing and be more ready for the job market. 120 participants were randomly selected from the various departments at the College of Health Sciences. The targeted outcome is to get them to be more productive and ready for the work-life environment. 

Speaking with the participants, the Provost of the College, Professor Christian Agyare pressed on the need to prepare students for the job market. "As we may be aware, health professionals did not have problems with getting employment after school. We complete school and the jobs are there but this is not the case anymore. Some have completed and are still waiting to be employed," he stated. "It is important that we have this workshop and prepare you for the outside job and the fact of the matter is that if you want to live a comfortable life, you have to get something to do on your own," he added.

Prof Agyare_CHS Provost
Professor Christian Agyare (Provost, College of Health Sciences)

The participants were grateful to the authorities for this organising such a programme. Eunice Animah Kyeremateng, a final year midwifery student hopes she is able to learn and get the real qualities to fit the job market. "Looking at the global changes that we are facing currently, it is not just about having the skills to deliver a baby or give injection but what change or impact you are able to make to reach your goal," she said.


"So far with the first. Section, everything has been very practical. We have learned a lot. We hope that by the end of this workshop, we are able to get the necessary skills that we need, to equip us in various ways," says Julius Wamega, another student.

The students were coached on personal effectiveness, personal development, and Entrepreneurship.